The Rising Cost of Motor Insurance

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The Rising Cost of Motor Insurance

          If you renew your car insurance recently, you and let's face it, you must be implemented within 12 months as a minimum, you will find that the prize should go, if you are insured.personal use, or a car business. Despite years of insurance and that no claims bonus - it is ensured that they were still losing money. This is down to the growing number of fraudulent claims and personal injury claims culture. According to one study, almost half of the money you make with your insurance company to claim whiplash, fraud, legal fees and taxes. Any way you cut, the drivers are honest up the bill. Here are some of the main reasons.

The drivers are insured.

Recent statistics show that about one in 20 British motorists are insured. These are not just the driver. The drivers cost honest about £ 30 a year for their premiums. But they are far more likely to be involved in accidents, fraud and other crimes to the maximum for the offense is £ 1000, in theory, in practice, which is about 200 pounds, that is. significantly lower than the average cost of insurance - you are likely to be increased for not having a TV license.

Personal injury lawyers.

We've all seen the television ads are offensive not win no service fee for any type of accident, these companies tend to represent those who were involved in traffic accidents. In fact, you should have these claims has doubled in the last year - and the company is using loyalty schemes for the applicants to obtain their services to other family members these claims now. representing 10% of the premium paid for the legal machinery to stay on the road.

Called "Whiplash".

Whiplash has become a favorite trick of those who commit insurance fraud. It 'hard to find physical evidence is the pain of the victims of these claims were the passengers, and now accounts for a staggering 20% ​​of premiums. What's more, it costs the NHS £ 18 per patient in the consulting fee comes to £ 8,000,000 a year, all this is in contrast to official government statistics, which show that the slightly injured in road accidents. has decreased in recent years.


How to claim money from insurance policies is to stage a car accident to claim compensation for injuries that occur. The cost is £ 44 for media policy. These incidents in the area within the city. But now spread across the country - this is because the premiums are rising in areas where these "accidents" in general, so now the car is insured in zip codes with low risk. It is surprisingly common, with about one in 20 drivers under 35 involved in the incident.

Young drivers.

If you think you have bad a year ago, bonus, no - I like the idea for those just starting out, AA said that the prize for this program rose 51% pilots. Car insurance for young companies find it difficult to find insurance companies that cover an increase in cost will be reasonable, a small driver. But statistics show that cause accidents in proportion than any other answer would seem to be the United Kingdom on a kind of education is similar to that in force in Canada, which will stop the driver and the driver. vehicles at high risk, the premiums for them.




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